Kacang Power

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AntioxidantsSource of fiberSource of protein

Kacang Power or Bean Power is a good trio of protein packed beans good for both a post-workout bite or a movie snack. A healthy twist on an old favourite with an imaginary magazine paper cone. Long live the Kacang Puteh man!


Honey Sunflower Seed, Edamame, Brown Sugar Broad Beans (Broad Beans, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Palm Oil)

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per serving size: ~30 g
Amount per serving
Calories (Kcal)132.5
Protein8.3 g
Total Fat7.8 g
Saturated Fat0.6 g
Carbohydrate7.9 g
Total Sugar3.4 g
Dietary Fiber4.6 g
Sodium8.3 mg
Daily Value:
Vit C 1%, Vit B1 4%, Vit B2 3%, Vit B6 8%, Vit E 42%