Nutty Knight

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Source of proteinAntioxidants

Packing a heroic dose of Vitamin E, the Nutty Knight fends off the nasties with antioxidant powers that slow down cell damage. Level up on the good and tasty.


Hazelnut, Raisins, Unsalted Peanut, Cranberry

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per serving size: ~30 g
Amount per serving
Calories (Kcal)152.4
Protein4.1 g
Total Fat10.9 g
Saturated Fat1.1 g
Carbohydrate12.3 g
Total Sugar5.9 g
Dietary Fiber2.1 g
Sodium1.1 mg
Daily Value:
Vit A 2%, Vit C 2%, Vit B1 6%, Vit B2 2%, Vit B6 4%, Vit E 20%